The Next Generation of AI Legaltech

When we started TypeLaw nearly 10 years ago, our goal was to help fellow attorneys use their time more productively by automating one of the most frustrating, tedious parts of the job: formatting briefs, motions, and other docs. 

As a solo practitioner, I dreaded the mind-numbing task of building tables and formatting briefs to meet the local rules of court. I knew that time spent on those technical minutiae could be much better spent preparing my case and refining the substance of my argument.

10 years of AI innovation

Fast forward 10 years: TypeLaw now has over 1,000 customers and has helped prepare 10,000 briefs. It’s been very exciting to bring our initial vision to life, and rewarding to help so many fellow legal professionals.

I was recently honored to be named a 2023 Fastcase 50 honoree, recognizing TypeLaw for its innovation and contribution to the legal community.

In the award announcement, they noted:

“TypeLaw is a great example of what makes legal innovation so important. By saving lawyers and paralegals (in aggregate) thousands of hours of work on rudimentary formatting issues, Dralla and his team are enabling law firms to serve more clients faster. The company has supported more than 1,000 attorneys and processed nearly 10,000 briefs, including cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. TypeLaw secured Bloomberg Beta’s first investment, further validating the company as a promising new technology.”

My thanks to our whole team for their tireless efforts, and to our partners at Bloomberg Beta for making these first 10 years possible.

The next chapter in TypeLaw’s journey

In honor of this achievement and to mark our 10 year anniversary, we felt the time was right to update the TypeLaw brand. 

Today, you’ll see a bold new look on our company website and in the TypeLaw portal.

Honoring the past, reflecting the future

Our updated logo represents the dynamic process of preparing and editing a brief and honors its heritage in word processing. The color scheme reflects the many late nights and early mornings that we attorneys know all too well. 

We hope you enjoy our bold new look and we look forward to saving you countless more valuable hours in the coming years.

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