Courts we cover

Forget about trying to memorize or research all the local rules of court. With TypeLaw, you don’t need to. No matter where you’re filing, your brief will be compliant.

We have extensive expertise with the following courts and can deliver your fully-formatted brief overnight—or even the same day—guaranteed.

Washington DC

US Federal Courts

    • Supreme Court of the United States
    • Circuit Courts (all 13)
      – Bankruptcy Appellate Panels
    • District Courts
    • Bankruptcy Courts


    • California Supreme Court
    • District Courts of Appeal
    • Superior Courts
New York

New York

    • New York Court of Appeals
    • Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court (all 4 departments)
    • Supreme Court


    • Florida Supreme Court
    • District Courts of Appeal (all 6 districts)
    • Trial Courts
      – Circuit Courts (all 20)
      – County Courts (all 67)
San Antonio


    • Texas Supreme Court
    • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
    • Courts of Appeals (all 14 districts)
    • District Courts (all districts)


    • Illinois Supreme Court
    • Appellate Court (all 5 districts)
    • Circuit Court (all 24 judicial circuits)

All Other US Courts

TypeLaw can produce a perfectly formatted, local-rules compliant, ready-to-file digital brief that meets the exacting requirements for any state trial or appellate court—exponentially faster than you’d imagine possible. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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