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TypeLaw uses automation to build your tables, insert bookmarks, and hyperlink citations. You get back valuable time to edit and refine the substance of your argument. But you also get a quality legal brief quickly, easily, and for a fraction of the cost.


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Draft your brief as you normally would in Word or WordPerfect. You only have to draft the argument. Don’t worry about adding a cover page or preparing your tables and certificates. TypeLaw will create and insert those automatically.

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Use TypeLaw's text editor to make changes to your brief and refine your argument. Download as many versions of your brief 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your pagination, tables, bookmarks, and hyperlinks instantly and automatically update after every change you make.

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TypeLaw processes your draft, formats your citations, creates and inserts tables and certificates, and emails you a formatted PDF within 1 hour.





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Prompt service. Great support. Saves me hours instead of using the Word or Word Perfect TOA and TOC software. Program is not without its quirks but once you know it, it's really a time and accuracy saver.

Alan Charles Dell'Ario, Esq.

Certified Specialist, Appellate Law
State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

It saves me from having to go to therapy for stress induced by tables, formatting, etc. Seriously, speed, efficiency, quick feedback to questions. Can't live without it now.

Nancy Brandt, Esq.

TypeLaw Customer

You provide a terrific service at a reasonable price. Completely reliable, fast turnaround when needed, and the formatting is perfect.

Laini Millar Melnick, Esq.

TypeLaw Customer

TypeLaw fills a need that could only otherwise be filled with hiring someone to do the work in office. In my practice I don't have enough work to support a full-time or part-time assistant, so this is the perfect solution.

Tanya Dellaca, Esq.

TypeLaw Customer

Your product is very professional looking, done well, timely, and for a reasonable price. The answer to a sole practitioner's prayers!

Michael Pinkerton, Esq.

TypeLaw Customer

It saves a ton of time. It would have taken a staff member at my office 1-2 full days to do what TypeLaw did. The price is tough to beat, and I plan on using TypeLaw for all of my future appellate work.

California Attorney

TypeLaw Customer


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