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    TypeLaw instantly updates your citations, builds your tables, and formats your brief.

How it works

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    Upload a Word (.doc or .docx) or WordPerfect (.wdp) version of your brief to TypeLaw. It doesn't have to be complete. You can finish drafting your brief using TypeLaw's text editor.

  • TypeLaw formats it

    TypeLaw identifies and formats your brief's sections, headings, citations, footnotes, and blocked quotations. TypeLaw then instantly creates your cover page, tables, certificates, and proof of service.

  • Delivered to your email

    Once the software is done, TypeLaw emails you. Your formatted brief is attached as a PDF. There's no need to create or sign in to an account to view it. You'll also receive a link to edit your brief, too.

  • Edit and make changes

    You can edit or finish drafting your brief using TypeLaw's text editor, which is specifically built for legal writing and citing authorities. You can re-download a formatted PDF, and each time TypeLaw automatically updates your tables.

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All delivery times are Pacific. Discounts and promotions will be reflected on invoice. If you are a court-appointed attorney filing a brief through one of California’s Appellate Projects or a Public Defender, please email briefs@typelaw.com for discounted pricing.
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