• TypeLaw helps you write a better brief.

How TypeLaw helps you write a better brief.

  • Better Citations.

    TypeLaw scans through your brief and updates each citation to proper form. So if you used an id. or an ibid. to cite a case when you really needed to use its short form, TypeLaw will catch and fix it.

  • Better Cover Page, Certificates, and Tables.

    TypeLaw creates your Cover Page, Certificates, Table of Contents, and Table of Authorities from scratch. All you have to do is submit a draft that looks like this and you’ll receive a ready-to-file PDF that looks like this.

  • Better Formatting.

    TypeLaw has prepared thousands of briefs, petitions, appendices, and motions throughout every State and Federal Court in California. TypeLaw will make sure your brief is both technically compliant and professionally formatted.

  • Better Argument.

    Because TypeLaw handles your citations, formatting, and assembly, you can focus more of your time on researching and writing a better argument. And because TypeLaw will have your brief formatted, assembled, and compliant by 10am of the next business day, you have more time to write a better brief.


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