Validated, accurate hyperlinks

Make it easy for the court to follow and adopt your argument. TypeLaw can automatically hyperlink all your citations to the record and to authority—saving you hours of research and formatting hassle.

“Particularly when dealing with large and complex cases, links save chambers considerable time and effort. Links make it easy for the court to verify–and adopt–the positions taken by an advocate.”

   – California Courts of Appeal Guide to Creating Electronic Documents/Filings

Make it easy to adopt your argument

TypeLaw automatically hyperlinks all citations directly to the pin-cited page in the case opinion or within the record—so the court can easily follow your argument with just a click.

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Save hours on brief prep

No more manually researching and formatting each pin-cite to the record and authority. TypeLaw does it for you, accurately and automatically, in minutes.

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Avoid embarrassing citation errors

Generative AI has a bad habit of hallucinating cases, and anyone can make a typo. By flagging and fixing incorrect citation reporter locations, TypeLaw helps you avoid having your brief rejected—or becoming the next news story.

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See a sample hyperlinked brief TypeLaw prepared for an award-winning client.

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Platform features

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Compliant formatting

No need to look up the intricate rules of court or worry about complicated electronic filing requirements. TypeLaw’s powerful AI knows how to format your brief perfectly to meet the exacting requirements of any court—and it does it in minutes.

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Make it easy for the court to follow and adopt your argument. TypeLaw can hyperlink all your citations to authority and the record automatically—saving you hours of research and formatting hassle.

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Brief editing

No more late nights updating tables or wrestling with re-pagination just to make a last-minute change. With TypeLaw’s purpose-built brief editor, you can make unlimited edits and your tables, pagination, and formatting update automatically as you go.

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Table building

Get perfect tables every time, automatically and without mind-numbing hours of manual work or dealing with unreliable, cumbersome Word plugins. TypeLaw will automatically build you an accurate, elegant TOC and TOA—and update them in an instant if you make a change.

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Don’t let small technical errors or typos damage your credibility with the court. TypeLaw knows how to perfectly format any citation and catches citation mistakes before they impact your reputation.

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Want to attach an exhibit, create an appendix, or compile excerpts of record automatically? TypeLaw automatically OCRs your PDFs, builds your indexes and tables, adds electronic bookmarks, and splits volumes according to court rules. Make a change and your indexes, bookmarks, and pagination update automatically.

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