How Legal Brief Formatting Software Boosts Staff Productivity

Whether you’re a solo attorney working on a case by yourself or you have a complete staff and want to speed up the brief writing process, TypeLaw’s AI-driven automated brief formatting and hyperlinking can help you make the brief writing process more efficient and save you valuable time.

How automated formatting & hyperlinking helps solo attorneys

For solo attorneys, automated brief formatting and hyperlinking can be a game changer. We offer a comprehensive brief formatting service: tables, formatting, hyperlinking, and any custom services you require can be done automatically and efficiently, so you can focus on the content of your brief.

If you’re a solo attorney who does not have staff and/or paralegals, we can help alleviate the stress of having to spend hours getting your brief just right. We’ll also make sure that your brief is not only filed, but loved by the court: our hyperlinking service has been praised across several courts in California, and if there are any issues with filing your brief, we’ll make sure they are ameliorated, free of charge.

Additionally, we’ll keep your brief on our secure servers for as long as you need it; if you need to look back at any brief you’ve created in the past, you can always refer to our website from anywhere, anytime.

Saving paralegals time at small and Biglaw firms

For attorneys with staff, we believe that we provide an equally beneficial service. Even if you have paralegals working to format and create tables for your brief, it still takes hours of time that could be spent elsewhere: researching, helping on other briefs, or another round of edits on your  brief to get it just right.

Our service is automatic, fast, and cost-efficient, meaning your paralegals can upload your brief to us and get it back quickly, allowing them to spend time on more valuable aspects of the brief editing process. Creating tables, hyperlinks, and formatting briefs can be a very tedious and repetitive process, something we’re more than happy to take over.

Whether you’re a solo attorney or an attorney with a full staff, TypeLaw can help remove the stress and frustration of brief formatting. Let us take over the stuff you don’t want to do, so you can focus on the brief writing and editing process.

This short video explains more about how TypeLaw brief formatting works.

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