Video: How TypeLaw brief formatting works

TypeLaw saves lawyers time and frustration by automatically formatting their briefs, petitions, and motions. Essentially, we can take your bare bones draft and quickly transform it into a clean, compliant, hyperlinked, ready-to-file PDF. 

In this video, Attorney Madison Boucher shares a before and after example of a brief we helped prepare for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Spend time on what matters most

When you’re up against a filing deadline, time is of the essence and stress levels are high. That’s where TypeLaw comes in.

We specialize in brief formatting. Our team can take your skeletal draft brief and transform it into a meticulously polished, ready-to-file PDF by the next business day (or even the same day, if you’re really in a rush). 

When you use TypeLaw, you can concentrate your efforts on perfecting your legal argument and not building tables, hyperlinking citations, or perfecting your brief’s formatting.

Brief perfection. No fear of rejection.

Our expertise lies in ensuring that every element of your document complies with the specific, exacting standards demanded by the court. This allows you to put your best foot forward, without worrying about having your brief rejected.

In the above video, Madison shares an example of a draft brief that we received from an attorney scheduled to file in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. You’ll notice that the attorney dedicated their efforts solely on the substance of the brief, and left the formatting concerns to us.

Automatically created tables, cover page, and more

You’ll see that TypeLaw’s powerful AI meticulously created and formatted all the essential components mandated by the 11th Circuit rules of Court, such as a properly-formatted cover page, necessary certificates, table of contents, and table of authorities.

As you delve into the heart of the brief, you’ll see that we’ve fixed any and all formatting errors and inconsistencies to meet Court requirements, such as margins, line heights, font sizes, and font styles.

Hyperlinks help make your case

But our services don’t stop there. We also review each citation within the brief to ensure that:

  1. They conform to the appropriate style manual form
  2. They’re consistent throughout the brief

We can also automatically hyperlink any citations to the record and to authority, so anyone reading your brief is one click closer to adopting your argument (see how hyperlinking works).

Created by lawyers, for lawyers

Our mission at TypeLaw is simple—to empower attorneys like you to devote more time to crafting compelling legal arguments, and less time getting lost in the labyrinthine details of formatting.

As lawyers ourselves, we understand the pressures and challenges of briefing first-hand. That’s why, as a final step, a credentialed lawyer carefully reviews each brief we process before it’s delivered back to you.

Save time, reduce briefing stress

Take the first step towards simplifying your brief prep process and relieving some of that last-minute stress—create a TypeLaw account today (no credit card required)!

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