Video: How TypeLaw automatically hyperlinks citations

TypeLaw takes care of all things formatting for legal briefs, petitions, and motions—giving you more time to focus on crafting a brilliant argument. 

In this video, Attorney Madison Boucher shares an example of a formatted, hyperlinked brief that TypeLaw helped prepare for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Powerful AI automation saves you time

TypeLaw’s proprietary AI automatically formats your brief with local-rules compliant tables, hyperlinked citations, and more, before a credentialed lawyer performs a final quality check to assure it’s perfect. The result? A beautiful brief that helps you put your best foot forward with the court and your client—and saves you many frustrating, non-billable hours.

Pin citations made easy

In the video, when Madison opens the body of the brief, you’ll see that TypeLaw has hyperlinked all citations to legal authority. This means that when you or the judge select one of the links, you’ll be brought directly to that pin-cited page in the case opinion. 

You’ll also see that TypeLaw has hyperlinked citations to the record, so with a click, you’re brought directly to that pin-cited page within the record.

Help readers follow (and adopt) your argument

Hyperlinks make it easier for the judge, or anyone else reading your brief, to stay focused on the logic and flow of your argument. And, as noted in this blog, The ABA has recommended that hyperlinked briefs be allowed to be submitted as the brief of record for all courts.

TypeLaw can save you time and help you make the right impression by automatically formatting and hyperlinking your next brief. Learn more about citation hyperlinking.

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