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Generative AI was certainly the hot legaltech topic of 2023. So where will AI go next?

Law360 Pulse‘s Steven Lerner recently reached out to experts at law firms and legal technology vendors to provide their boldest legal technology predictions for 2024—all related to AI. We’ve summarized a portion of the article here.

Generative AI and beyond

Some experts believe that using AI will become more widespread across legal departments, law schools, and even at the highest courts. However, the experts also say that it may not be a smooth path to widespread adoption, particularly for Biglaw.

AI briefs at the Supreme Court?

TypeLaw Co-founder & CEO, attorney Chris Dralla, was happy to share his bold prediction with Law360 Pulse readers. He believes that the first brief created with generative AI will be filed to the U.S. Supreme court this year—and that the Court won’t even know.

He also noted that AI automation will help lawyers spend less time preparing briefs for court, freeing up more time to focus on the substance of their arguments.

That’s because AI is currently able to accurately perform many of the technical and procedural aspects of brief prep, such as creating tables, citation formatting and hyperlinking, properly formatting exhibits and creating appendices, and more.

Today, lawyers can trust AI automation solutions to help them accurately prepare a brief to meet all the exacting local rules of court, for any court.

More bold AI predictions

Read the full article: 8 Bold Legal Technology Predictions for 2024 and see what the other legal technology experts had to say about the near future of AI.

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