AI & Legal Briefs: Trust But Verify | Webinar

Should you trust AI with your brief?

You’ve probably read the horror stories about lawyers using ChatGPT being sanctioned for submitting briefs citing non-existent cases.

With the temptation to use artificial intelligence ever-looming—and AI’s integration into an expanding number of legaltech tools—it’s important to understand how you can use AI to your advantage in the briefing process, while minimizing risk.

Webinar explains AI risks and benefits for lawyers

In this on-demand webinar, AI and briefing experts (both attorneys themselves) explain what AI currently can and cannot do effectively, and why it’s smart for legal professionals to take a trust but verify approach to AI.

What you’ll learn

This informative webinar will help you better understand the rapidly expanding role of AI in legaltech and how it can affect your practice, including:

  • The difference between generative AI and AI automation
  • The risk of AI “hallucinations”
  • How AI can catch errors & AI gone rogue
  • How to use AI to streamline your briefing processes 

About the speakers

Chris Dralla, Esq.

Chris Dralla, Esq.
Co-Founder & CEO

While working as an appeals attorney in CA, Chris became frustrated with the tedious brief formatting process—and the time and focus it took away from crafting his argument. He founded TypeLaw to help fellow attorneys avoid the same frustration. In recognition of his vision, Chris was named to the 2023 Fastcase 50

Madison Boucher, Esq.

Madison Boucher, Esq.
Adjunct Professor & briefing expert

A graduate of UC Law SF, Madison is now a Professor of Law and Academic Program Coordinator for their Legal Research & Writing and Moot Court Department. She is also a Supervising Attorney for the UC Law Appellate Project, which partners with the Ninth Circuit’s Pro Bono program.

Learn how TypeLaw balances AI and human intelligence to improve brief accuracy and save attorneys valuable time.

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